The video works of this series are a further research on how human communication works and which implications may guide to serious consequences like war, murder, torture all the evil things that make life a hell. Ok, even a slight misunderstanding might have less serious consequences as described. Your girl friend might leave you by misunderstanding a kiss you exchange with your collaborator, your wife may kick you out of your apartment, because you hugged your neighbor etc. etc. pp..

The first film, which is actually an video installation, focusses on how uniforms, even costumes at Mardi Gras - which are eventually a kind of uniform, too, because the individual is hidden behind the mask and the cloths, which a larger group of people wear. All in the same dress, all with the same mask, all part of a greater being. In earlier times (some Mardi Gras groups in the German Southwest are looking back to a history which is more then 500 years), the silent majority used to be repressed and Mardi Gras used to be the only opportunity to mirror the cruelty to the depressing one percent by the 99 percent.
Monsters are everywhere, monsters are us without soul.

Today even smoking is forbidden in this Mardi Gras groups, because it would betray the individual between the alike looking, uniformed people forming a group rather than a assembly of human beings by denying the characteristics of an individual person.
Monsters are economical progress.

Using in the first video work of this series Mardi Gras footage is the one element of this video work. By letting a set of balloons crossing the screen is another, citing the morse alphabet of the early days of communication technology, the shorter or longer appearance of balloons in this work form the title of the work, Leaving a message the inefficient way.
Without monsters and demons we should stop trying anything.

LEAVING A MESSAGE THE INEFFICIENT WAY (1), single channel video, 2021, 1min39sec excerpt of 07min12sec

shown at:
2022, EDAF, EUROPEAN DIGITAL ART FAIR sponsored by V.ART, ART SPACESHIP, SECTOR B, curator Eleonora Brizi/Breezy, Kwiw, Ukraine

LEAVING A MESSAGE THE INEFFICIENT WAY (2), single channel video, 2021, 1min15sec of 5min26sec in total

Come, let’s play a game, try to solve the riddle. Decipher the message which is hidden in the video.

The message is encoded in Morse alphabet.

The Morse code is based on long and short signals. It is an international code to transfer words, sentences, texts and messages. Each alphabetic character is encoded in short and long signals. In our video work balloons are standing for long signals and aircrafts for short ones.

The Morse Code in alphabetical order:
A .- B -… C -.-. D -.. E . F ..-. G —. H …. I .. J . - - - K -. - L .-.. M - - N -. O - - - P . - - . Q - - . - R . - . S … T - U ..- V …- W . - - X -..- Y -.- - Z - -..

LEAVING A MESSAGE THE INEFFICIENT WAY (4), single channel video, 2021, 1min32sec of 05min22sec in total


More then ever the pandemic made us understand how low our knowledge is about the things we see or do not see: the surface of earth and ocean, the universe. NASA, ESA and others made us understand how planets, red giants, dwarfs, black holes and debris in our sun system might look like by putting the information collected into images. Information taken by ultraviolet, x-ray and warmth detecting cameras etc. make visible the part of our world and universe, invisible to our human perception system.

In the first place this scientific instruments are constructed to explore different kind of information the human perception system is not made for. In a second step the information must be made understandable for a human brain, a human eye. This goal is accessed by translation of the received information into images in many cases.

Otherwise the signals (and there are only signals, no movie-like-pictures) would be only understood by specialised scientist, who are trained to read the information matrix. And even the specialist are not specialised enough to understand in every case every detail.

Moreover the detected informations are as reliable as the tool that collects the informations. The tool collecting informations is only as good as the human brain of the constructor/researcher is in imaging the unseen and unknown.

The more specialised researchers are, the less they are able to imagine that there is something else in a different field, which is issue of other specialised researchers.

So this installation is about our non-understanding, our ignorance, nurtured by specialists, by our time and ourselves.

The footage for this video installation is altered stockage of a birthday bouquet given to my last birthday in 2019, altered by different software in order to show, how less we know about ourselves, our surrounding, our world, our planet and universe.

OUT OF SIGHT: SURFACE + OCEAN, single channel video, 2020, 2min32sec of 15min38sec

awarded with:
2021, @doityourself_art Instagram takeover Residency, UK


Flower bouquets are an important part of our culture. You are giving them to every person´s birthday, and at any other holiday, e.g. easter, Christmas, Valentine´s day etc..

Flower bouquets harbor an enigma. Every single branch is expression of the evolutional drive and every single blossom is what evolution describes as final outcome. Why should evolution allow blossoms to exist…? What evolutionary sense do they make?

Flowers in outer space wouldn’t survive, although Japanese florists tried to send a flower bouquet to outer space.

Flowers are representing what we are. Flowers are standing for what we love- even in a pandemic. Flowers are the future, in case they survive…Flowers and blossoms are so fragile.

Water is the source of life. We are searching for water on the moon, on mars, on every planet we are stranding. If there is water, there used to be life. On the moon we found water, on the mars likewise. Water is still essential for flower bouqouts to survive a short period of time on earth. They are cut from their roots. If they don’t get water, they are dead in a minute.

Every flower needs water to survive for a short or longer period of time. Even cut flowers used in bouquets. Nevertheless flowers in a bouquet are dying flowers, even if water allows them to live a little longer than without.

The paradoxe is that cutting flowers are alive but at the same moment they are dead. Maybe this is how the world construction looks like…?

OUT OF SIGHT: THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE WORLD, 4k, single channel video, 2021, 1m38s excerpt from 12m50s


The existence of our planet depends on light. Light that comes from the sun. Solar eruptions spread small particles to us everyday. Some day, maybe millions of years from now the sun will turn into a white dwarf and the energy supply will stop. That will be the end of the world.

Based on footage, shot during Mardi Gras final celebration 2018, abstract patterns are produced to remember the meaning of light to all kind of lifeforms.

THE END OF THE WORLD, single channel video, 2020, 2m26s

shown at:

2022, NO LONGER VALID International exhibition, Momentum Gallery 06, AP KunstArt Fund, Krakow, Poland